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We publish a variety of websites that are focussed on critical communications technologies such as: TETRA, DMR, Mission Critical & Public Safety LTE and the Critical Control Rooms. Through our international platform, companies are able to effectively introduce their news/press releases, new products, solutions and services as well as other information quickly to our readers platform of more than 26.000 industry contacts.


Through our extensive knowledge of emergency services communications, we provide consultancy to develop information and communications strategies, security policies, provide procurement support and deliver project assurance to those agencies and organizations that are involved in critical communications.


How do you track what has been written about your company, brand, products, competition or industry? How do people experience your company and how do you create a large group of engaged followers? Through our revolutionary online tool, we can help you to easily find the information you are looking for.
Online Magazine
We also publish the digital magazine: “The Critical Communications Review” where we refresh news on the critical communications industry on a daily bases. The magazine can be read via the Buzztalk App.
Member of the TCCA
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Since March 2013, we are an active member of the TCCA (TETRA and Critical Communications Association) where we advice the board on marketing communications strategy, event planning and documentation.
Social Media
We can help you to discover the latest information about your brand, competitors or industry. Explore results on different levels of aggregation and drill down to the original source. From finding all relevant content you can zoom out to discover trends and patterns. In addition, we can help you to structure your Social Media activities.

Online Publications

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Our Customers

Motorola Solutions
Airbus Defence and Space
TAIT Communications
Entropia Digital
Funk Electronic Piciorgros

Stop Noise
TETRA and Critical Communications Association
Kenwood Communications
Flash Services
KPN Critical Communications
Selecsys / Selcom
Juma Communications
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  • 2010

    TETRA Web Portal

    We have founded in March 2010. In July we launched the world’s first web portal supporting the TETRA and Critical Communications Industry.
  • 2011

    DMR Technology Web Portal

    At the end of the year we launched our web portal supporting DMR communications technology and we also launched our consultancy services portfolio to support end users and organisations involved in critical communications.
  • 2012

    Fiber Technology & PMR portal

    Launch of a website supporting the international fiber technology industry and the first local PMR communications web portal.
  • 2013

    Mission Critical LTE Portal & Online Magazine

    Launch of the world’s first web portal supporting the migration from narrowband communication technologies to broadband (MCPTT) for mission critical & public safety end-users. We also became active member of the TCCA and in that same year we published our online magazine: “The Critical Communications Review”.
  • 2014

    Controlroom Technology Portal

    Launch of our critical controlroom web portal. We also added news in 8 languages to our TETRA website.
  • 2015

    Celebrating 5 years

    Over the last 5 years we connected with more than 26.000 telecommunications professionals. Today we operate 6 technology web portals supporting the global critical communications industry.

Who we are

About Us
MCCResources, founded by Gert Jan Wolf, is a small publishing company based in The Netherlands midway between Amsterdam and The Hague. The company was established in March 2010 and has become on of the leading publishers on critical communications globally.
Our Focus
MCCResources publishes web portals highlighting the critical communications industry. Over the last 5 years, the company has become a “thought leader” on news aggregation for news on critical communications technologies such as TETRA, DMR, Control rooms and Mission Critical and Public Safety LTE. The company also offers marketing support and media intelligence services.
We Support
We are media sponsor of several critical communications events around the world such as: Critical Communications World, ControlRooms, PMRExpo, CritCom Brasil and Commsconnect. We also actively support the TCCA as an active member of the marketing group.
Contact Us
You can contact us during CET business hours.

Dragonweg 57
2215 BN Voorhout
The Netherlands

T: +31 642 10 8561
S: gertjanwolf