Gert Jan Wolf

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Founder And Creative Director
With 35 year experience in international sales & marketing and 18 years within telecommunications industry Gert Jan is the driving force behind MCCResources.

Until March 2010, Gert Jan held various positions within the critical communications industry. As a program manager he was responsible for establishing an international direct sales organisation for xPectations, of devision of WorldxChange, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the nineties. and From 2003 until 2010, Gert Jan held held various positions within the leading manufacturers of critical communications solutions. From 2008 until 2010 was active as country manager for that same company.

On Social Media, Gert Jan has obtained an "all star" rating on LinkedIn for his knowledge and experience in the critical communications industry. In 2018 Gert Jan was nominated for the MCT People's Choice Award for his valued work within the critical communications industry.

In June 2010, a director of MCCResources launched the world's first website that was focused on one single critical communications technology, TETRA..

In December 2018, as a YouTube content Creator Gert Jan launched the first
Critical Communications Vlog channel on YouTube.

Within MCCResources, Gert Jan is responsible for content, creativity and maintaining the overall company vision and strategy.

Agnita Cheung

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External Relations & Creative Mind
Agnita is an experienced program manager at offers MCCResources a great sources of talent related to international relationships.

Her background as a program support manager at Siemens, her international sales executive role within Quorum International as well as her continuous drive to be successful, makes Agnita the right person to maintain and expand MCCResources international relationships.
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